DJ Equipment Rental In Orlando and Tampa!

Take advantage of our huge inventory of DJ equipment and make sure that your show is a smash success. You have plenty of options, and DJ’ing is a pretty hot industry these days. Unlike most vendors, we offer rental hardware, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending all of your hard earned money on a single piece of equipment, especially if you’re only up for a single show.

We provide a vast inventory, all of which are delivered in our tour grade hard line cases and ready to rent at a moment’s notice. One thing that makes our company especially unique, is that your experience does not start and end with a rental. You have the option of simply picking up your equipment and heading out, of course, but if you really want to take it to the next level, we have back-line tech and sound engineers that can accompany the product to the venue, set it up for you, and run the show if you’d like. We are able to work with both public and private events, furnishing our experience and giving you your money’s worth.

You’re in good hands; our back-line team produces hundreds of DJ and band events every single year, and we have the necessary technical knowledge required to operate, perform a sound check, and carry the event to completion. In addition to that, our back-line tech service can provide management, stage hands, and distribution. If you’re producing a relatively large event, you can always use a few helping hands and we’re ready to deliver it to you. Check out our products and get things moving as soon as possible. It’s time for you to put on a show, maybe with a little bit of our help.

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