Serato Rental

Rent a Serato System in Orlando or Tampa – Your Audience Deserves It

Serato systems have been some of the highest praised and most often used pieces of equipment in the DJ industry, especially in Orlando and Tampa, and with good reason. Take the Rane Serato Scratch Live SL3 for example. This beast of a machine offers inputs for three turntables (which you can rent right from us) and allows you to easily match levels from different source types. It also brings built-in galvanic isolation which helps to eliminate computer noise and interference, making it easily one of the best units on the market today. We offer several other models, all of which can give you untold benefits and untold advantages in your live show.

Rent a Serato System from Us

Serato systems can run in the hundreds of dollars, making them a difficult prospect for the aspiring DJ in Orlando and Tampa, or someone who simply needs to rent a piece for an out of town show.

If you don’t feel like breaking down your entire setup and hauling it along with you on the road, then you’re in luck: rentals are in season and they’re hotter than ever. Go through our stock and see what we have to offer you. You might be playing a birthday party, or maybe it’s something a little bit bigger. No matter what it is you’re working on or performing at, we have the equipment you need for the night at a price you can afford. Not only that, our brand name best sellers are in great condition, ensuring that your equipment is ready to go, no matter what kind of show you’ve decided to put on. If you have the need, then w have the equipment to fulfill it.

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