Up Lighting Rental

Add a Splash of Color – Rent Up Lighting in Orlando and Tampa

Up Lighting Rental – Keeping your venue lit is one of the most important things that you can do, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Consider up lighting for a moment; it’s one of the hottest trends for events, including weddings, and it’s also the cheapest way to completely transform a venue. Uplights are placed n the floor, around the perimeter of the venue that you have reserved for your event and will illuminate the walls, from top to bottom with colored light that you designate.

LED up lighting is without a doubt one of the best ways for you to introduce a splash of color to your event. You can use a combination of red, green, and blue to tap into the entire spectrum of colors, ultimately designing your environment as you see fit. That’s a lot of functionality for just a few lights, isn’t it? Our LED lighting can be used in both outdoor and indoor venues, and you can choose which colors you would like the room to be during your event. Lights can be used for multiple purposes, such as matching the bride’s gown, to lighting up a ballroom, or emphasizing certain features of the room. It’s all up to you.

Bottom line: renting up lighting options is far cheaper than making an outright purchase, and you can even arrange to have it professionally installed at your event. It’s time to make a splash and make sure that your venue looks exactly the way you want it. Take a look at our uplighting rentals in Orlando and Tampa – we have several different models, from single lights to entire packages to meet your growing needs. It’s time that you shine a light on things.

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