Projector and Screen Packages

Projector and Screen Package Rentals in Orlando and Tampa

Hosting an event of any kind can definitely present some challenges, but one of the biggest issues is media display. Rather than setting up a LCD or LED screen, using a projector and screen can save you quite a bit of trouble. A projector has several advantages over a typical screen, the primary being that it can go virtually anywhere. Projectors take up far less room than LED/LCD screens, and the best part, is that they can display on a much larger area. In areas where space constraints are a bit lower, projectors tend to shine much more.

Smaller areas aren’t the only spots the projectors shine. Trade shows, auditoriums, and even churches can make use of projectors to really get their message across, making them one of the preferred methods of display across the A/V industry. We offer far more than just a projector to meet your needs: our A/V packages can provide you with all of the equipment you need to really get your event off the ground. From screens, to projectors, to audio equipment, we’ve got exactly what you need and we’re going to help you to launch a successful show.

We don’t just rent the equipment; our technicians will help you to get it properly installed, and then stay behind to help you run the show. Let us lend a helping hand while providing you with the tech support you need to really get your production off the ground.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today for more information about scheduling and pricing. We’ll get your event up and running before you know it and make sure it runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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