Projector Rentals

Rent a Projector in Orlando or Tampa Today

DJPeople offers a wide variety of different projector equipment, including the projectors themselves. Projector rentals in Miami are most often used when space is an issue, or when you need to display to a larger area than a standard television screen would permit. We offer several different brands, from Panasonic, all the way to Epson, with one of our favorites being the Panasonic PT model. The PT-D5500U for example is able of taking advantage of a dual lamp system augmented with liquid cooling to keep the heat under control during operation. Fading displays are no longer a problem, as the projector brings 5,000 lumen brightness to the table, and also displays high resolution images. Projectors can be placed either behind or in front of the screen, depending upon the type of equipment you have.

Imagine being able to deploy your projector screens across a wide variety of venues, from concert walls, to churches, and even town hall meetings. No matter what type of gathering you are holding, you have a need to get your message across, and projector screens are one of the few pieces of equipment that can reach a mass audience without eating a hole in your wallet. That being said, it’s time for you to look into what we have to offer.

We’re not only able to rent you the projector and screen, we’ll make sure you can properly use it by providing our own technicians, if you would like. We take our customers seriously and your event us just as important to us as it is to you. Give us a call today and find out how you can get started and put on the best show of your life with the best equipment in the industry.

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