Hazer Machine Rental

Bring Some Haze to your Show with a Haze Machine Rental in Orlando and Tampa

Your venue might look awesome just as it is, but if you’re looking to bring that more surreal look to it, then you ‘re definitely going to want to try a haze machine. We have plenty of them to choose from, so get ready to rock! These differs significantly from a fog machine, as it is intended to fill a venue with a fine haze rather than the cloudy atmosphere of a fog machine, and it was a much more important feature: it allows light to pass through it. Take the Haze 1200 for example, it creates that fine haze, and through it, light and laser beams will be able to pass effortlessly. Like our other special effects implements, you can control this one easily with a timer remote, featuring adjustable output and control for:

• Duration
• Continuous Flow
• Time

You can also take manual control of the device, ensuring you can precisely control the flow and the timing. Our haze machines all have similar features, some with larger tanks than others, and each one designed to meet a specific need. Bottom line: we have what you need at a price you can afford.
Bringing haze to your venue will change everything, and will ensure that you can completely change the atmosphere whether you’re hosting a concert, a DJ event, or a club. Take a look at our hazers today, order one, and you will have your choice in how to have it implemented. Feel free to pick it up at our office or have one of our seasoned professionals pick it up for you. The choice is yours, and it’s about to get pretty hazy in your venue.

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