Truss Rental

Rent Trusses in Orlando and Tampa

Truss rentals in Orlando and Tampa are a vital component of any stage setup, but you don’t really need us to tell you that, do you? Trusses are important for supporting any suspended equipment that you need to deploy, such as lights, speakers, fog machines, lasers, or any other device that needs to be off the floor and in the air. When you’re dealing with sensitive equipment there are a few things that you will want to make sure of. First of all, you want to know that it is safe when it is being hoisted into the air. Second, you want to make sure that it stays there, which is where trusses come in. Mounting to the ceiling is good in most scenarios, but if you don’t have an indoor venue, or if you don’t own the venue, then trusses are the way to go.

Trusses come in multiple pieces and have several components that serve to make up the whole picture; from the base plates, to the T-junctions, cube corners, top plates, and more.

We have a full stock, allowing you to build your trusses and scaffolding in the manner you need to put on an effective production.

Need help setting it up? We’ve got you covered! We have the ability to build your scaffolding, mount your equipment, and ensure it all stays up until the conclusion of the show – that’s a great value, and it’s extremely helpful if you don’t happen to have a dedicated crew on hand to help you get set up. If you’re ready to put on the show of a lifetime with the best equipment, give us a call and let us help you coordinate your rental whether you’re picking up your trusses or having us deliver them.

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