Video Wall Rental

Rent a Video Wall in Orlando and Tampa

A video wall rental in Orlando and Tampa can bring your presentation to an entirely new level. Imagine being able to show your PowerPoint presentation on a massive screen that the entire room will be able to see. If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what does. TV walls have come a LONG way since their origin in the 90’s, and they’re much easier to deploy now than ever before. Our video wall services include:

• LED Video Wall Rental
• TV and Flat Screen Rental
• Projector Rental
• Projection Screen
• AV Rentals
• DVD Rentals
• Video Mixer

Video walls are great for much more than just presentations, actually. You can deploy them for weddings, sporting events, birthday parties, and much more! Oftentimes, clients will request an LED video wall for a concert, especially if the venue is outdoors and extremely large. As a full service company, we also offer the ability to use our services to deploy the video wall rather than putting it up yourself. Video walls are, after all, a bit more complicated than your average television. Our team can set it up for you and ensure that it runs smoothly for the entirety of your event.

There are so many benefits to a video wall rental in Orlando and Tampa, but in our opinion, the most obvious benefit is the ability to deploy the wall, and then return it at the end of the event without making a real monetary investment, other than the rental price. After all, there is no reason to own a video wall unless you’re going to be in one location for a very long time! We address that problem easily and bring you the wall that your event needs. Contact us today for more information on bringing your wall to life and your presentation through the roof.

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