Outdoor Video Rental

Outdoor Video Wall Rental in Orlando and Tampa

Outdoor events can be especially amazing for a number of different reasons. It’s the open air, it’s the crowd, it’s the main event – all of it contributes to a stellar time, but if you’re the one putting on the show, then you have a lot of expectations to meet, and you’re going to need to meet every single one of them. You may even want to exceed them. Outdoor video wall rental in Orlando and Tampa can give you the edge that you need to really make an impact, no matter what type of even you’re running. Some of the most common outdoor events that might require the use of a video wall include:

• Sports Games
• Open Air Concerts
• Political Speeches
• Corporate Parties

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, and we are more than proud to present a wide variety of hardware that can meet your needs including:

• LED Video Wall Rental
• TV and Flat Screen Rental
• Projector Rental
• Projection Screen
• AV Rentals
• DVD Rentals
• Video Mixer

If you want to make your event one to remember, feel free to check out our extensive inventory of outdoor video walls, and most importantly, take advantage of our full service options. Rather than installing that wall all on your own, you can feel free to contract our assistance. We’ll not only get the job done for you, we’ll make sure it runs properly for the entirety of your performance or event. Glitches and technical difficulties will absolutely be a thing of the past and we’ll guarantee you an amazing performance, game, or any other type of event you might be hosting. Our rentals and our service are second to none, guaranteed.

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