American DJ Mega Pixel Led in Orlando and Tampa

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American DJ Mega Pixel Led Rental in Orlando and Tampa

Have you ever found yourself saying “I need a light for that”? Quite frankly we’ve all said that, and this is precisely what the Mega Pixel is for. This is an intelligent light fixture that can be deployed in a wide variety of different situations and venues including:

• Retail Stores

• Displays

• Interior/Exterior Decoration

• Clubs

• And more

For remote control, the Mega Pixel LED can be operated via a DMX controller, giving you a sort of hands off approach. Some of the most important benefits that this piece of hardware brings to the table is low power consumption, low heat output, no-fade colors, 1-meter indoor chasing LED effect, three control modes, 4-button LED display on rear panel, and even the ability to daisy chain power via an AC outlet on the rear. As we said before, sometimes, you just need a light for that, and this is the piece of hardware that is going to fit the bill. Want to know more? Why not give us a call and arrange your rental today? It won’t be long before you have the device you need giving those extra, much needed special effects for your venue. It could be a display, or it could be a dance floor. Then again, maybe you’re deploying it at an outdoor concert. Either way, this device offers a certain special effect in Orlando and Tampa that you absolutely need – it’s the punctuation or the accent that follows the main lighting options at your venue. If you need to fill a lighting gap of any kind or just want to add a little bit of an extra effect, you can bring one of these to the venue and make it outstanding.


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