Inflatable Screen Rental in Miami & Ft Lauderdale in Orlando and Tampa

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Inflatable Screen Rental in Orlando and Tampa

When you’re trying to reach out to a large crowed through video you have two choices: LCD/LED or projector, and outdoors, you’re definitely going to want to go the projector route. Today’s high quality projectors and screens can display an image outdoors without any fading or distortion, or fading, making them the optimal choice for anyone seeking to put on a good show for a large audience, hands down. You have several options when it comes to the deployment of an outdoor screen, as you already know, so which type should you be choosing? We have a huge stock, but sometimes you need to think outside the box. In Orlando and Tampa, many are going for the inflatable screen option because it is easier to install, stands up better to wind, and quite frankly is a lot of fun.

Inflatable screens give you the opportunity to display images and videos to a large crowd, whether you’re hosting an outdoor gala, throwing a backdoor movie night, giving a concert, or hosting some kind of show. The opportunities and choices really are endless here, and quite frankly, the inflatable screens are an outstanding choice for nearly any outdoor event.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask about our extensive stock. With so much inventory, there is a good chance we have just what you need to turn your ordinary outdoor event into something extraordinary. Inflatable screens are not only more popular today, they are the better choice, hands down. They are durable, they are easy to set up, and if you need help, we’ll be glad to deliver it for you and get it set up so you can get on to the more important part: your show.



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