OutDoor Cinema 10 Screen Sizes / 3D in Orlando and Tampa

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OutDoor Projection Screen Rental in Orlando and Tampa

Reaching your audience in Orlando and Tampa has never been easy, but our cinema screens tend to do the job for you. If your event is outdoors, there is no telling what you need the screen for. Maybe you’re showing a movie, maybe you’re throwing a concert, or maybe you’re giving an important speech and you need to be standing loud and proud for all to see, then you’re going to need a good screen. Let’s be honest, there are some pretty bad screens on the market right now, and when you’re choosing one for your outdoor venue, you need to it to meet the following standards:

• High Quality: When you’re projecting any sort of video outdoors there are a lot of environment factors that can cause the picture to become distorted, and you don’t want any of this to occur when you’re attempting to put on a live show. Sure, it seems like a lot to ask, but quite frankly, higher quality screens can handle it!

• Durability: Hosting a show at an outdoor venue tends to bring all kinds of new challenges, and you need to make sure that the screen can withstand the wear and tear thrown at it by mother nature. Wind, rain, and all manner of other elements pose a threat, so do make sure you have a screen that can take it!

Give us a call to find out more about our wide selection of screens and to get yours today. We’ll even deliver it for you (assuming it won’t fit in your car), and we’ll help you get it set up. Talk to us to find out more, and get ready to give your audience a show that they’re never going to forget.


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