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Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 Rental In Orlando and Tampa

The roots of the CD player itself can be traced back to the Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3, and it features the same build as all of the previous CD-J models. It really is a blast form the past, and it’s still just as user friendly. You can bring this to your kit for state of the art, flexible music mixing. With it you will be able to practice track mixing and improve track info requirements. Some of the most basic actions are now easier than ever before including:




-Stretching (tracks)

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 features support several formats including MP3’s, VBR files, and even has intelligent features like the direct search which allows for easy finding of tracks. The Pioneer also brings the instant reverse feature which can be controlled by a toggle switch, and can be used in any track without needing to stop or start.

The unit is also able to make use of multimedia cards and SD cards which are now compatible, meaning hot cues and hot loop points. WAV data can also be easily stored and loaded, and the removable memory card can be transferred to other CD-J units for cross compatibility.

This is a great piece of equipment, and one that you should most definitely consider adding to your arsenal – it will make you a better DJ and help you to put on the most amazing show. Take a look at what we have in stock today and get ready to rock like never before. IF you need any help, we’re always here to offer you support and even setup if you need it. Don’t forget to check out our other products as well!


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