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Finding a plasma video wall for events, can always be a challenge, but as luck would have it, we’re proud to offer our truss mounted video wall for events, which gives you a way to not only elevate your HD video wall for the audience, but also maintain stability, which can be difficult in other scenarios. We’re also proud to present our set of outdoor video walls for events which are IP rated for weather proofing, making them an optimal choice for outdoor concerts. Finally, all of our rentals come with a video wall controller to ensure that you have complete command over your presentation.

There is little doubt that finding a good plasma video wall in Orlando or Tampa can be a matter of great difficulty, but we have exactly what you need, right here. We offer a wide range of video wall rental opportunities, all of which come in a multitude of different configurations and

Give us a call right now and rent an HD video wall – we not only have the equipment, we have the expertise to get it installed properly.


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