Rent 4-Piece Battery Powered Uplight Fixture in Orlando and Tampa

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Rent Four Piece Battery Powered Uplight Fixture Rental in Orlando and Tampa

Wireless LED UpLights are an outstanding and versatile piece of equipment that can turn any event space into a surreal experience. This is a wireless LED, meaning you’re eliminating the need for cables. While cables have become an integral part of many concert environments, it’s definitely nice to be free of them, for once. The device itself uses a combination of RGB lights which can create an amazing spectrum of colors. In addition to that, we provide a number of lighting options to our clients to ensure that their even has the ambiance and ‘wow’ factor that it deserves. Light up the ballroom, match the bride’s dress, or simply customize your dance floor environment to be exactly what you want it to be. The options are limitless.


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