DJ Turntables & CDJ Rental

Rent the Best DJ Turntables in Orlando and Tampa for your Big Night

When you’re looking for equipment for an event in the Orlando or Tampa area, your first thought might be to buy, but rentals can be so much less expensive. Ultimately, DJ turntables are probably going to be the first thing that come to mind, especially if you throw yourself, or them a rockin’ party, so don’t worry, you’ve totally come to the right place. DJ turntables in Orlando and Tampa have come a long way since their roots in the 1930’s, now integrating some of the latest and greatest technology to give you the competitive edge in any show that you are putting on.

We’re offering you an incredible selection comprised of some of the best brands in the country just for you. From the Pioneer CDJ-2000 with its LCD screen readout, to the Technics SL-1200 capable of withstanding virtually anything you put it through, we have something for everyone. One of the best features of our high end rental company, is the fact that you don’t have to sink several hundred dollars into a product if you’re only going to use it for the night. Look through our incredible stock here in Orlando and Tampa and become the ultimate DJ for your event overnight.

Not only do we have the best equipment in Orlando and Tampa ready for you to rent tonight, we guarantee it to be in great condition, and from brands that you know and trust. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, the wedding you’ve been looking forward to all of your life, or a concert type event, you can trust that we’ll not only get you the best equipment, but that it will be affordable. Take a look at our stock and get ready to rock the right way.

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